Vector Build provides an intuitive way to create test setup patterns without the need for device simulation. Generate cyclized test vectors directly by writing read and write commands for several bus and pin types. Build your device test patterns directly by listing the device pins, initial states, and timing requirements. Then specify how the pins are initialized, state changes, bus commands, and expected output.

Device Pins and Timing

Use the Timing and Pin editor in VectorBuild to create your device. Define your device pins, their directions, initial states, and all timing requirements. Add any of a number of standard digital buses and configure the operation relative to your device’s clocks and time domains.


Standard Buses Supported

VectorBuild supports many standard digital buses used in many modern devices. Select from…

  • I2C
  • SPI
  • JTAG
  • RFEE
  • UART
  • Create a custom bus using the Generic bus feature

Don’t see your bus on the list? Let us know and we’ll add it.


Build Your Pattern

List the sequence and actions to be performed in your test setup. Use the Command editor to input state and data changes for each individual pin or bus. Group operations together to ensure they happen at the same time. Optional comments can be added to the test vectors associated with commands.


Generate and Edit your Test Vectors

Once the commands are entered, click the ‘Build Pattern’ button on the Pattern Editor tab to generate cyclized test vectors. Add, delete, and modify vectors directly if needed. Specify the start and entry label for your pattern and save it to a file. Output formats include WGL and STIL.

VectorBuild Pattern Editor 2

Ease of Use

Create your setup for one test pattern and use it again. Save a Session for your test pattern, make changes to it, and save again as a different Session. Quickly build your entire test suite without the need for device simulations.

VectorBuild add I2c Command