VectorBuild doesn’t need any input files to operate. Just enter your device pins, list and sequence any changes to the various pins and buses needed to configure our device, and click ‘Build Pattern’. You can save your settings into a Session file and load that again to quickly replicate a pattern. Some bus types allow for a quick entry of a text file (comma separated) to simplify the creation of state changes.

VectorBuild generates the industry-standard output file types WGL and STIL. Optionally, you can copy and paste from the editor window to get a quick tab-delimited version of your vectors.

Yes, a license is required to run VectorBuild.  You can download, install, and run VectorBuild without a license but all pattern save capability is disabled.  Demo mode does allow you to create your device pins and commands as well as save a Session file but all vector saves are disabled.

The MAC address of your computer’s network adapter is needed to generate a unique license file for running VectorBuild.  To get the MAC address of your computer, do the following:

  1. Under the Start menu, select Accessories
  2. Click Command Prompt
  3. In the Command Prompt window, type ‘ipconfig /all’
  4. Look through the resulting output and find the physical address line for either your WIFI adapter or LAN adapter
  5. Record/Send this address when requesting a Node-locked license
Find MAC Address

Once you receive your license file, save it somewhere accessible on your computer. Next, download and install the latest version of VectorBuild.  Once the install is complete, run VectorBuild.  You should get a popup error saying your license file is not found or out of date.  Hit OK then in the main window, under the Edit Menu, select ‘License Manager’.   Select your type of license (Node Locked or Floating). For ‘Node Locked’, browse to the license file and hit OK.  For floating licenses, enter the license server host name and port, then select OK.  Use the ‘Server Status’ button to ensure the license manager can communicate with you license server.  Once the license file has been validated VectorBuild should be operational.


A Session is collection of settings and configurations for setting up VectorBuild.  Once you configure your device pins and commands then save your setup to a Session.  You can then open your Session file later and restore all of the settings, commands, etc. Copy, paste, and open to create new patterns based on a previous example.