GUI or Command Line Interface driven
Input: Ability to read VCD and EVCD files
Output: Generates WGL and STIL patterns
Batch mode allows conversion of multiple simulations using the same setup files.
Support for Windows and Linux 32/64 Bit
Session Editor
Create, Save, or Open an existing Session
Select Input and Output files
Set Signal Types and Directions
Search Signal Names
Set Conversion Cycle Width, Start, End times, and output scaling factor
Set Output Options:
    Type – WGL or STIL
    Gzip File Compression
    Vector Repeat Compression
    Vector Cycle Numbering
    Enable Output Comments from Sim Files and User Insert
    Set Vector Cycle Modulo
Timing Editor
Create, Save, or Open an existing Timing File
Select Standard Format or Binning Mode
    Formats Supported: Off, NR, RL, RH, RT, CS, Edge Strobe, Window Strobe
    Binning Mode: 2-256 Bins/Cycle, 0-8 Rcv and Drv Edges, and save matched waveshapes
Edgeset Mode:
    A list of edgesets are used to match against the event database and produce Timing Sets
Timeset Mode:
    Timesets are pre-defined and matched against the event database
Set Match Continue on Failure Mode – Continues matching on next Signal
Set Match Continue to next Cycle Mode – Continues matching on same Signal but next cycle
Conditioning and Event Mapping Editors
Modification of the Events Database with Event Conditioners
    MASK – Set Signal state across a time range
    SNAP – Force Events to specified offset relative to the cycle boundaries
    IOALIGN – Force I/O or O/I transitions to an offset relative to the cycle boundaries
    REMOVE – Delete simulation artifacts occurring within a defined window
    MAPPING – Map a list of Signal Events to different Signal Events (‘H’ -> ‘X’)
    TRANSITION – Mask Signal Event transitions over a defined window
Modification of the Events Database with Bidir and Signal Equations
    Map Bidirection Signal Events for VCD files with bidir control signals
    Generate Signal Equations (AND/OR) to modify signals based on other signals
Histogram and Timing Generation
Display histograms across the session cycle width
    User controlled number of histogram bins
    Dump Histogram metadata to the Monitor window
    Display or Save Histograms by Signal or Group
Generate Format or Binning Timing based on the Histograms of each Signal
    Setup Format Timing Options to control Drv/Rcv Variances, Clock Types, Strobe Types
    Setup Binning Mode Options to control maximum number of drive and receive edges
Partition Editor
Create multiple partitions within the simulation
    Vary the Cycle width across each partition
    Set Start/Stop times to allow stitching together discreet portions of your simulation
    Set the Vector Modulo of each partition
Waveform Viewer
Zoom Slider and In/Out buttons
Search Forward/Reverse on individual Signals for event changes
Advanced Search by cycle number or absolute time, plus Signal Events changes
Color Legend/Chooser for Signal Event types
Display Cycle Boundaries
Display Groups or Signals, with user grouping of any set of Signals
Ability of Bookmark Simulation locations for quick navigation
Insert Comments in the Events database that will persist on the output vector file
Dual Waveform markers used for time measurements