Semiconductor Test Hardware Solutions


A critical element of every semiconductor test solution is the interface between the device and ATE. ?The hardware team at Test Spectrum has produced thousands of successful test interface solutions for some of the most challenging semiconductor products on all major ATE platforms. ?Our in-house team of PCB design experts has an added advantage of direct access to our senior test engineering staff.

Test Spectrum provides complete hardware solutions (design, fabrication, and assembly) for all aspects of the semiconductor test industry, including:

  • Final (Package) Test
    Loadboards; Device Interface Boards (DIBs); Handler Interface Boards (HIBs); Handtest Boards
  • Probe/Wafer Sort
    Probe Interface Boards (PIBs); Probe Cards (Cantilever and Vertical)
  • Qualification/Characterization
    Burn-In (HTOL) Boards; HAST Boards; Failure Analysis Boards; Lab Evaluation Boards

Custom Design

Test Spectrum uses a schematic driven process with LVS (Layout Versus Schematic) capability using the latest CAD software tools such as Cadence Allegro (including both OrCad and Concept schematic libraries). We tailor solutions to meet the requirements of each project in a cost effective manner.

  • Extensive experience with complex applications, including RF, mixed-signal, and high speed digital
  • All major ATE platforms supported, including Advantest, Teradyne, Xcerra, and National Instruments STS
  • Design capability for all aspects of semiconductor test (final test, probe, qual)


Test Spectrum is committed to utilizing the latest technologies and tools in PCB fabrication to ensure that your boards are manufactured with the highest quality at competitive prices and lead-times. Enhanced DFM capabilities are incorporated to maximize yield on complex builds. Some of our current PCB fabrication capabilities include:

  • Controlled Impedance
  • Sequential Lamination
  • Blind/Buried Vias
  • High Drill Aspect Ratios
  • Up to 60 layers
  • Thickness up to .350?
  • Line & spacing down to .0013?
  • Plating aspect ratios up to 32:1
  • .004? mechanical drilling
  • .0012? laser microvias
  • .0059? flip drilling up to .187? thick
  • .0051? flip drilling up to .150? thick
  • .002?/inch flatness tolerance
  • 100% opens/shorts electrical test


  • Component Procurement
  • Automated or Manual Assembly
  • Surface Mount and thru-hole assembly
  • Lead Free & High Temp solder options
  • Reflow and IR capability
  • X-Ray inspection & verification
  • Flying Probe Test option
  • Production Test Sockets
  • Stiffeners for all major ATE
  • Cantilever Probe Rings
  • Vertical Probe Heads
  • RF Cables & Connectors
  • Handler Change Kits

Generic Boards

Following is a list of our current generic test boards. ?A generic test board for your tester configuration can be designed quickly.

  • Teradyne J750 Probe Card
  • Teradyne J750 PIB (Probe Interface Board)
  • Teradyne Integra Flex PIB (Probe Interface Board)
  • Teradyne Ultra Flex PIB (Probe Interface Board)
  • Teradyne Catalyst PIB (Probe Interface Board)
  • Credence Quartet PIB (Probe Interface Board)
  • 93K 1024 PIB (Probe Interface Board)

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