CodeReport Box

CodeReport is an easy-to-use application?for verifying test program quality. CodeReport comes with many different, known quality screening rules that can be used to verify your test program is complete and ready for production.? CodeReport has?a graphical?Rule Editor that allows you to create your own, custom rules.? Ensure your coding standards and quality specifications are correct by generating your set of rules, checks, and screenings. ?Easily generate a detailed report for locating, correcting, and documenting the state of your test program. ?Save a baseline of at any point and compare future analysis Sessions to the baseline. ?Quickly identify the ATE tester hardware and instrumentation needed to run your program with the “Tester Resource” report. ?Locate complexity in the underlying source code using the “Code Statistics” report. ?Save your work in a Session file to quickly return to your project after edits have been made or use the Session on other similar projects to transfer your configuration and custom rules.

Supported Testers

CodeReport opens binary Excel Workbooks (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm) and Ascii Util-generated Workspaces for Teradyne Ultraflex, Integraflex, and J750?as well as Advantest 93K files.? Once opened, select and configure the rules and verification steps, run the analysis, and view or save the report.

CodeReport Setup

Program Rules and Checks

CodeReport comes standard with several industry-known issues, guidelines, standards, and recommendations for test program coding.? Use the built-in rules to ensure your program meets or exceeds these standards.? With the Custom Rule Editor, create your own set of detailed and specific requirements that can be used to verify your programs conform to your standards and guidelines.

CodeReport Custom Rules

Detailed Analysis

CodeReport combs through your test program looking for known test programming issues and pitfalls.? The output is then presented in an easy to understand summary format.? Click on any of the reported issues to drill-down to more detailed information about the rule and quickly locate the section of the test program causing the problem.

CodeReport Details


Setup CodeReport the way you want it ? generate your own Custom Rules and enable or disable any of the standard checks and rules, then save your work to a Session.? The Session can then be reloaded later and used to check other versions or modifications to the targeted test program.? Use the Session Overlay functionality to share the rules and configuration for different test programs.


Ease of Use

CodeReport is quick and easy to use.? Easily enable many standard, well-known test programming checks.?? Use the graphical Custom Rule editor to add your own set of checks and standards.? Generate comprehensive reports for use in peer code reviews or software quality metrics.? Save and reuse your settings again and again on new programs.