Features Current Release?20170328
Input Program?Formats
Binary Teradyne J750 Programs (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm) ?
Binary Teradyne Integraflex?Programs (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm) ?
Binary Teradyne Ultraflex?Programs (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm) ?
ASCII-Util Versions of the above Program types ?
Advantest 93K Programs ?
Session Processing
Reopen a saved session to restore settings and parameters ?
Overlay a previously created Session onto new, similar?program ?
Save setup and configuration information, including:
? ??Report Settings ?
? ??Custom Rules ?
? ??Modifications to Standard Rules ?
Output Report Formats
Excel 2007 (.xlsx) ?
Excel ’97 (.xls) ?
Rules and Checks
Comes with over 30?Standard Rules for verifying Program Integrity ?
Custom Rules are easily created for verifying your own Standards/Requirements ?
Modify existing Standard Rules ?
Copy and Modify Standard rules to make new Custom rules ?
Generate Custom rules with multiple Elements using AND/OR logic ?
Enable/Disable Rules to customize Reports ?
Ignore Statements for excluding program elements from rule checking ?
Capture Variables for locating information within your test program ?
Report Content
High-level Summary of Program and Rule status ?
Tester Instrumentation and Resource Usage ?
Code Statistics, Information, and Static Analysis Parameters ?
Critical Rule Details ?
Moderate Rule Details ?
Best Practice Rule Details ?
Unused Instances ?
Ignore Statement Statistics ?
Capture Variable Values and Statistics ?
Rule Definition Details ?
Detailed Reports
Detail Reports contain the following:
? ? Summary information about the Rule ?
? ? Graphical Summary that shows the break-down by rule type and classification ?
? ? File Names and Line Numbers where the Rule passed/failed ?
? ? Code Statistics ?
? ? Tester Instrumentation and Resource Usage ?
? ? File Names and Line Numbers where the Rule passed/failed ?