Setup and Configuration

Setup, Select Tester

Setup?? Select the?tester of interest and open your program. ?Save the setup information to a Session to use again and again.

Setup ASCII-Utils

ASCII-Utils Programs???Open, verify, and manage your ASCII Utils created test program with CodeReport. Open your workspace, select the program modules to verify, and run!

Search and Verify

Search, Standard Rules

Standard Rules?? CodeReport comes with several standard, known checks for ensuring your program is stable and production-ready. ?Enable or disable any standard rule or copy and modify the rule to suite your needs.

Search, Custom Rules

Custom Rules???Build your own custom set of rules and checks. ?Ensure test?programs meet your coding standards by creating a set of ?rules to automatically verify and report.

Search, Rule Elements

Multi-Element Rules???Create complex rules and checks by chaining several Rule Elements together using AND, OR, and grouping syntax. ?Look for combinations of elements, such as Test Numbers AND SoftBin AND HardBin OR Flag

Search, Rule Builder

Rule Element Builder ??Generate specific screening rules using Wildcard searches or Perl regular expressions. ?Target exactly where the rule should be applied using several common contexts and program locations.

Status Output

Status Output

Status?? The status page is updated as CodeReport opens and checks your test program. ?Watch the progress as it happens or use the Status to ensure the sections of code you’re interested in gets checked.

Report Options

Report Summary

Summary??View the high-level status of the rules and checks using the Report Summary page. ?The Summary shows the rule, the pass/fail status, and the number of times the rule was applied. ?Click on a specific rule to drill-down to the specifics and details for that rule.


Graphical Summary??See the status of all rules in a graphical format. ?Click on any section of the graphs to quickly jump to the section and get more details.

Report, Tester Resources

Tester Resources???Get a complete list of the tester instrumentation and resources required to run your program using the Tester Resources Report page.

Report, Detailed Output

Report Details???View a detailed list of passing and failing details for each rule. ?Modify the contents of the output by selecting the level of details for each report. ?Use the output to suggest changes or modifications to the rules or test program.

Report, Rule Definitions

Rule Definitions???Generate a report listing all rules that were applied along with a detailed list of what the rule is intended to verify.

Report, Rule Categories

Rule?Categories???Categorize your rules as Critical, Moderate, or Best Practice and generate individual reports for each category.