Features Current Release 20170328
Input Program Formats
Binary Teradyne J750 Programs (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm)  
Binary Teradyne Integraflex Programs (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm)  
Binary Teradyne Ultraflex Programs (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm)  
ASCII-Util Versions of the above Program types  
Advantest 93K Programs  
Session Processing
Reopen a saved session to restore settings and parameters  
Overlay a previously created Session onto new, similar program  
Save setup and configuration information, including:
    Report Settings  
    Custom Rules  
    Modifications to Standard Rules  
Output Report Formats
Excel 2007 (.xlsx)  
Excel ’97 (.xls)  
Rules and Checks
Comes with over 30 Standard Rules for verifying Program Integrity  
Custom Rules are easily created for verifying your own Standards/Requirements  
Modify existing Standard Rules  
Copy and Modify Standard rules to make new Custom rules  
Generate Custom rules with multiple Elements using AND/OR logic  
Enable/Disable Rules to customize Reports  
Ignore Statements for excluding program elements from rule checking  
Capture Variables for locating information within your test program  
Report Content
High-level Summary of Program and Rule status  
Tester Instrumentation and Resource Usage  
Code Statistics, Information, and Static Analysis Parameters  
Critical Rule Details  
Moderate Rule Details  
Best Practice Rule Details  
Unused Instances  
Ignore Statement Statistics  
Capture Variable Values and Statistics  
Rule Definition Details  
Detailed Reports
Detail Reports contain the following:
    Summary information about the Rule  
    Graphical Summary that shows the break-down by rule type and classification  
    File Names and Line Numbers where the Rule passed/failed  
    Code Statistics  
    Tester Instrumentation and Resource Usage  
    File Names and Line Numbers where the Rule passed/failed