GUI and Command Line Interface Operation
Support for Windows and Linux 32/64 Bit
Push Button Conversions with Little or no Training Required
Optimized for Performance, Requires Minimize System Resources
Pattern Conversion Statistics including Vectors In/Out, Compression Ratio, Scan Vectors and Chains info
Supports Batch-Mode Processing
Accepts WGL and STIL Pattern Formats
Supports Compressed File Formats (.gzip, .zip)
Supports Parallel (Flat) and Serial (SCAN) Vectors
Supports Widely used SCAN Formats, including FastScan, TetraMAX and Encounter
ATE Writers
Generate Complete ATE Patterns, Timing, and Pinmap Information
Supported ATE Platforms:
    Teradyne A5xx/Catalyst
    Teradyne J750/Flex
    Teradyne Ultraflex
    Teradyne Eagle ETS
    Teradyne Magnum
    Credence Duo/Quartet
    Credence Sapphire
    LTX VX
    Advantest 83/93k
    Advantest T2000
    IMS Vanguard
    National Instruments STS
    STIL Pattern Language
    *Contact Test Spectrum if your Tester isn’t on this list
Scan Format Options
Normalize Scan Chains for Tester Writers
Flatten Scan Chains into Non-Scan, Parallel Patterns
Edit and Remove Individual Scan Pins/Chains
Reverse WGL Scan Shift Order
Test Pattern Creation
Tester-Specific Formatting Options
Repeat Compression/Optimization
Add Comments for Vector, Cycle, and Cycle Time
Ignore Comments/Labels during Repeat Compression
Remove Spaces between Columns
Suppress all Comments
Expand Pattern Loops
Remap Pattern State Characters
Designate Input and Output Scan Normalization Characters
Waveform Viewer
View WGL and STIL Test Vectors
Identify Timing, Cycles, State Characters, and Wave Shapes
Zoom In and Out on Signal Waveforms
Highlight Scan Chains and Repeat Vectors
Signal Editor
Graphical Editor for Modifying Pattern Signals
Remove and Rename Signals
Rearrange and Reorder Vector Columns
Add New, Static Signals
Group/Ungroup Signals
Save Signal File for Reuse on Other, Similar Patterns
Force Signal Names to Upper/Lower Case
Timing Editor
Graphical Timing Editor
Generate Absolute or Equation-Based Timing
Allows for User-Defined Timeset Names
Timeset Editing of Formats and Edge Locations
Allow Grouping of Timesets by Pin Group Names
Node-Locked and Floating Licenses Available
Demo/Evaluation Mode Available without License




Vector Port



Signal Editor



Timing Editor



Waveform Viewer



Output Writers



Conversion-Specific Options



License Manager